Our coffee is provided direct from Stumptown

They are direct trade wholesalers. “Direct Trade” means standing face-to-face with the farmer, year-in and year-out. It means asking for the best coffee, and paying an unparalleled price. The process begins at origin, and it continues harvest after harvest as we nurture the relationships to bring each coffee to its fullest potential, and in turn, its fullest value.

Some of our Best Sellers:

Hair Bender
Our Hair Bender Blend features fully washed coffee as its backbone and can have five to eight different coffees at any given time. These coffees provide clarity along with the sweetness and complexity we seek. Each of the coffees that comprise this blend can stand strongly on their own, though the relationship between their flavors is what defines the cornerstones of our espresso blend.

Holler Mountain
Our most popular organic blend is now outfitted with directly traded coffees. Fully washed coffees from Central and South America bring floral, fruit notes to the blend. A semi-washed coffee from the Aceh Province of the Sumatra Island in Indonesia adds a syrupy sweetness and a viscous body. This carefully constructed blend combines elegant Central and South American coffees and the darker toned, earthy Indonesian coffees.

Decaf House
Clean, smooth and moderate in body, our decaffeinated House Blend is perfect for anyone longing for all the flavor, but none of the caffeine. This is a blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees.

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