About Issaquah Coffee

Issaquah Coffee was founded in 2010 by Mike Swingle with the goal of serving the best coffee, by the best people, and contributing to the community. Our coffee beans are roasted professionally in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, but happily served in our quaint little town of Issaquah 15 minutes to the east.

Our shop is formally recognized annually as the “Best Coffee Shop in Issaquah” as well as offering rewarded “Top Baristas in Issaquah”.

We serve and source the most premium high quality beans from Africa to the Americas, and serve some as single-origins and others as thoughtful blends. This allows us to offer a wide range of flavor notes, from Chocolate and Caramel to Citrus and Fruity, each roast having its own unique profile and flavor.

Issaquah Coffee has been also been recognized as the “Best Bakery in Issaquah”. We offer and extensive bakery items such as scones, muffins, pies, quiche. We also offer many lunch items. We source our products from local bakeries in the Issaquah area.

Our core values as a business are Customer Service, Efficiency and Communication, with the customer’s experience and happiness always being our first priority. We strive for Professionalism and a Positive Demeanor from the moment we open until the last coffee of the day we pour. Jumpstart your Day.